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 Welcome to the Loudmouth radio station,

Here at Loudmouth radio we are trying to bring Louisville the radio station that they want. We’ll be starting out as a internet streaming radio station. Then as we build ourselves up and with your support we will be able to move to a Louisville broadcasting radio station. The music genre we’ll be playing will be heavy metal/rock variety. We will be trying to change the outlook that some people seem to have about metal-heads. We’ll be working vigilantly on making this a reality.

I want to personally thank you for considering to help our radio station get it’s feet off the ground and we will bring the most for your money. We are going to be giving you updates once a month with everything that we have been working on and how we are using your donations and/or subscriptions. We’ll be attending all the local concerts in this genre and using your business on our banners and other merch that we will be working on. Listed below will be the different options that would available for you to purchase.

Sponsorship $750 a month.

Early morning, morning, afternoon, night, and late night ad spaces will be available. 

Company will be in the headline with the radio station.

Possible giveaways with provided mosh.

We mention your name every time we say our name.

20 posts a month on Facebook.


Tier 1- $350 a month.

Early morning, morning, afternoon, night, late night ad spaces will be available.

Possible giveaways with provided mosh.

Headline ad space on the website.

10 ads/posts on Facebook a month.

Larger sidebar ad on website.


Tier 2- $200 a month.

Morning, afternoon, and night ad spaces will be available.

Possible giveaways with provided mosh.

Larger sidebar ad on the website.

4 posts/ads on Facebook a month.


Tier 3- $100 a month.

Night and late night ad space will be available.

Possible giveaways with provided mosh.

Small ad on the website.

1 post/ad on Facebook a month.


Feel free to contact me with any and all questions

Email: all@loudmouthky.com

Phone# 502-341-4313

Meet The Hosts

Jack Chaddic

Jack Chaddic


Jack has an amazing background in music. He’s got a wide range of music from the 80′s, 90’s, 2000’s, and today’s in rock and metal. This radio station has been his dream. Jack handles all the music part of the business from interviewing bands and guest on the show. Allen will be there and will help with the interviews, hosting the shows, and radio station.

Allen Penick

Allen Penick


Allen is a strong business man and handles the day to day operations of the radio station and the shop. He handles all the advertising and shop inventory and other aspects of the business. Please feel free to contact him if you want to support or advertise with us.

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