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About LoudMouthKy


Our Goals and Vision

Our goal for the shop and radio station is to build Louisville Ky very first metal and rock station and to build amazing place to work for. 

Who We Are

We are Louisville’s only metal station. We play the top metal music as well as the best of the local metal and rock scene.


Our Story

We started off as a idea in Jacks head. He started a Facebook page that grow to over 200 people like and sharing that page. He met Allen in 2019 and they became best friends. Allen was always good and computers and building website. They started building this website and radio station and a YouTube channel.

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Live Every Monday and Tuesday @ 5pm

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Meet The Hosts

Jack Chaddic

Jack Chaddic


Jack has an amazing backgroud in music. He has a wide range of music from the 80′ 90’s 2000’s and today’s music in rock and metal. this radio station is his dream. Jack handles all the music part of the business from interviewing bands and guest on the show. Allen will be there and help with the interviews and hosting the shows and radio station.

Allen Penick

Allen Penick


Allen is a strong business man and handles the day to day operations of the radio station and the shop. He handles all the advertising and shop inventory and other aspects of the business. Please feel free to contact him if you want to support or advertise with us.

Alex "Capone" Moss

Alex "Capone" Moss

Event Coordinator

Been headbanging for 27yrs. My fulltime job is a railroad engineer. Married to a metal head wife with 2 headbanging sons.

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